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What is WOW?

The Week of Welcome is an opportunity for local businesses, on-campus resources, and the community as a whole to promote themselves to new students. New students are introduced to the community in a way that encourages them to respect the existing institution and culture, while still taking ownership during their time at Cal Poly. New students undergo a variety of activities during the week that include campus resource tours, awareness presentations, community service events, and a Cal Poly Club Showcase.

Want to get involved with WOW?

WOW Sponsorship & Business Opportunities

WOW aims to support local businesses each year by extending various sponsorship packages as well as the chance to offer our participants a business deal to welcome them to your establishment.

Workshops with WOW

Throughout WOW, there are a multitude of presentations that are developed to inform new students and their families about the San Luis Obispo area. These presentations include topics from financing to awareness about drugs and alcohol. Become involved or even help offer new ideas.

Days of Service (coordinated through the Center for Community Engagement)

More than 150 WOW groups (approximately 700-1100 students) volunteer to help at a variety of community service locations. This day will provide an invaluable service to the community and begin to enrich the college careers of the new students by showing them how they can make a difference while at Cal Poly. To participate, contact the Center for Community Engagement at 805.756.5120.

Cal Poly Club Showcase

We showcase over 150 clubs where each club provides information and fun activities about their organization to help students get involved in extra-curricular activities early on in their college career.

For more information, please email wow@calpoly.edu.


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