Clubs & Organizations

Clubs and Organizations


Clubs and Organizations at Cal Poly provide opportunities that incorporate instruction, scholarship, and service in a Learn by Doing environment. Students, staff, and faculty partner to apply theory to practice by competing in national competitions, addressing global issues, and serving the community at large. The Clubs and Organizations' hands-on approach develops leadership skills, enhances social growth, and complements the academic curriculum.

Recognized student organizations are offered certain privileges, provided they remain in good standing, complete the annual registration process with the Dean of Students , and comply with University policies and procedures. Here are a few of the privileges:

  • Use of Cal Poly facilities, services, and resources
  • Sponsorship or promotion of activities on University property
  • Distribution of literature, flyers, posters, banners, or organizational print materials consistent within the Campus Posting Policy and the Code of Student Conduct
  • Listing in University publications
  • Eligibility to apply for club funding consistent with the rules and procedures of ASI
  • Eligibility to fundraise on campus through approved programs and activities
  • Access to training programs, leadership opportunities, advising, resource referral, and contract negotiation assistance by the staff of the office of Dean of Students


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